We rsquo re cooking up salisbury steak with onions and gravy it rsquo s one of those traditional southern comfort food items you rsquo ll find on the menu at mom and pop style restaurants and diners throughout the south fresh ground beef caramelized onions and rich brown gravy make this one more delicious item to serve to your family and friends.

Gravy master is one of those ingredients i always have on hand i use it as a flavoring in gravy making whether i am making beef pork chicken or turkey gravy there is something about this little miracle in a bottle that gives a richness and depth of flavor to the gravy another way i use it is in my soups and stews.

The gravy is amazing what gives the gravy its intense and great flavor is the roasted vegetables the spices on the roast and of course a good beef broth you cant go wrong doing a roast like this five pounds is quite a bit of meat so if you are planning a christmas or new years eve dinner splurge on this roast.

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Beef tips with rice and gravy you rsquo ll need these ingredients hellip and some rice of course hellip i rsquo m using this eye of round steak so i needed to cube it up first you can use stew beef that is already cut into pieces if desired hellip use a medium size sauce pan to cook in place it on the stove over medium heat and add some cooking oil.

Add the celery onion and garlic and cook until the veggies are softened and the onion starts to become translucent roughly 5 minutes add the herbs spices and chicken stock to the mix and stir bring to a boil once the mixture hits a rolling boil add the bread cubes quickly mix in the cubes to the liquid and then cover.

Swedish meatballs hi there my name is helena i was born in sweden and lived there for the first 20 years of my life before i moved to australia in 2010 ask any child aged from 5 years and over in sweden what they like to eat and they will definitely say meatballs.

Pungent smoke shot up in an angry jet from a side of the pan by prodding a prong of the fork under the kidney he detached it and turned it turtle on its back only a little burnt he tossed it off the pan on to a plate and let the scanty brown gravy trickle over it cup of tea now he sat down cut and buttered a slice of the loaf.

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