Perfect easy beef burrito skillet so easy easy beef burrito skillet ndash in the case of this easy beef burrito skillet a few mexican themed ingredients can turn plain ground beef into a deconstructed burrito that satisfies hungry appetites feel free to mix and match according to your familys preferences you can switch out a can.

There are many variations of dumplings two of which are the fluffy type with baking powder allowing the dumplings to rise cake like on top of the stew the other type is the drop dumpling with eggs that absorb the moisture of the entre being cooked eggs are added and baking powder is eliminated.

Hearty quinoa corn chowder my grandmother lived in the appalachian mountains and always served straight from the garden corn and beans i updated her dish with quinoa and herbs mdash kari napier louisville kentucky.

During world war ii when meat was rationed and had to be purchased with tokens this recipe went a long way in feeding a family to this day i still reach for it whenever i want something different from regular hamburgers by the way children really like these just as i did when i was a child mdash gladys klein burlington wisconsin.