Easy baked tilapia is light and flaky and it cooks up beautifully moist and tender meals in minutes added your menu plan is the perfect easy way to start your new year off on the right foot 5 from 111 votes review recipe easy baked tilapia or cod prep time 5 minutes cook time 15 minutes.

Easy baked tilapia recipe tilapia is by far my favorite fish it is light and flaky and doesn rsquo t have that ldquo fishy rdquo taste that others might have plus i love how fast i can cook fish in less time than going to get takeout i can have this from oven to table it is that quick and easy.

Enjoy the signature sweet sour spicy and salty flavors of thai cuisine in this easy 30 minute recipe for baked tilapia the fish is smothered in a tasty homemade tamarind sauce scatter thinly sliced scallions and radishes over the top when serving for a pretty presentation.

Baked tilapia ndash a low carb and super easy dish that only takes less than 20 minutes from start to finish easy yet scrumptious perfect to incorporate into your weekly rotation i was called out on facebook by one of my readers regarding my deep love for hellip.

Parmesan crusted tilapia baked lemon pepper tilapia is the one of the best tilapia recipes we have ever tasted this baked tilapia recipe is as healthy as it is delicious and its super easy as well this lemon pepper tilapia recipe is so flavorful and made in under 20 minutes best easy tilapia recipe.

How to make baked tilapia prepare the tilapia fillets season tilapia with salt pepper paprika thyme and oregano arrange fish in a 9 13 baking dish in a mixing bowl whisk together melted butter garlic lemon juice and lemon zest pour over tilapia bake the fillets bake tilapia for 10 to 12 minutes or until fish flakes and is fork.

This easy baked parmesan crusted tilapia recipe is just wonderful with a flavorful parmesan crust from only a few everyday ingredients a perfect everyday dinner recipe ready in under 30 minutes tap to leave a rating 4 24 from 267 votes print email collection collected prep time 10 minutes.

This easy panko crusted tilapia is nicely seasoned with a light mayonnaise and dijon mustard coating and some basic spices and herbs the tilapia is baked to crispy perfection in just 15 to 20 minutes serve this tasty baked tilapia as the centerpiece of a healthy meal with roasted or baked potatoes and a salad or steamed vegetables.

We eat baked tilapia regularly but were looking for something different this preparation is so simple but the butter and garlic and lemon combo conspires to really elevate this dish best baked tilapia i rsquo ve made in years would make this for a quick weeknight dinner or for company yum.

Baked blackened tilapia is an easy dinner recipe or you can use it for some great fish tacos so simple with these step by step photo instructions baking is much healthier than frying i find frying fish in a pan a pain you have to do multiple batches keep it warm in the oven and stand there all the time.

Baked cod is one of the easiest things to make all you have to do is put the cod fillets in a baking pan smother them with the topping and bake for about 20 minutes depending on thickness add a little lemon and parsley and youre done.

Blackened tilapia ndash this is a delicious recipe for tilapia that is on the table in under 10 minutes perfect for a quick weeknight meal and so easy to make blackened tilapia is an easy and flavorful tilapia recipe that is on the table in just minutes this recipe starts with tilapia but any white fish will work perfectly.

This easy air fryer tilapia recipe comes together in just 16 minutes if your picky little ones don rsquo t eat much fish this easy air fryer tilapia recipe with its simple seasoning and mild fish flavor is a great way to introduce fresh fish to your whole family even if they do decide to smother it in ketchup in the end.

To cook this easy oven baked tilapia you will need ndash fish fillets ndash this recipe is prepared with tilapia fillets but if you don rsquo t get access to the same feel free to use any other white fish i like to use tilapia because it rsquo s not super expensive does not taste super fishy and i get frozen fillets easily.

Tilapia veracruz here we come if you want to try a hearty baked tilapia recipe this dish is for you once youve mastered the basics of baking tilapia use this recipe to kick it up a notch by cooking your fish fillets alongside green olives cherry tomatoes and fresh herbs this decadent dinner is less than an hour away.

This easy baked side of salmon gets cooked in a foil packet with lemon garlic butter and tender herbs to create a simple and delicious foolproof weeknight dinner baked tilapia in lemon butter sauce 20 mins the simply recipes guide to grilling fish easy weeknight dinners for a party of two salsa verde baked tilapia.

Tilapia fillets are rubbed in a zesty spice blend and baked until flaky then topped with a sweet mango avocado salsa if you haven rsquo t baked tilapia before you rsquo re in for a treat it rsquo s a mild sweet tasting white fish that cooks up quickly and easily and is affordable to boot.

Quick easy and heavenly delicious we made it all the time finally we reached the end of our freezer stock our own line caught halibut reserves were empty the next time we craved our favourite dish garlic parmesan baked halibut we had to go to the store to get some hellip ah oh my right so halibut is actually kind of pretty pricey.

Frozen tilapia is a great option for a quick weeknight dinner mix together a fast blackening seasoning and coat the frozen fillets with the rub bake the tilapia until the fish is browned and slightly crispy on the edges or cook the.

Add tilapia and cook until crust is deeply golden and fish flakes easily with a fork 2 to 3 minutes per side in a medium bowl toss avocado tomato jalapeno and cilantro add oil hellip.

The ingredients in this oven baked rice are simple rice and green peas with chicken stock or broth you get fluffy tender grains that have just the right texture once baked variations and notes you can use canned peas or frozen peas or even swap the peas for frozen mixed vegetables or corn if you wish.

Dinner made real easy this baked fish recipe comes with a lemon cream sauce and is made in one baking dish yup just throw it all in one pan bake it and you end up with a tender juicy fish in a creamy lemon sauce the sauce is especially delish because the juices of the fish mingles in with it while it rsquo s baking.

How to make baked lemon garlic halibut make the sauce in a 9 13 inch casserole dish whisk together the first 8 ingredients marinate the fish place the halibut fillet in the casserole dish then flip it over to get some of the marinade on both sides you can also cut the halibut fillet into smaller individual pieces if preferred.

Here are our best 25 fish and seafood recipes to make for dinner the recipes below include salmon shrimp scallops tilapia cod and tuna each recipe is healthy relatively easy to make and full of incredible flavor in fact there are so many favorites here that we couldn rsquo t narrow it down.