When it comes to making these super easy brownie cupcakes the trick is all in how you bake them start by preparing a box of betty crocker trade fudge brownie mix according to the instructions then instead of baking them in a single pan divide the batter into a muffin tin to create 18 perfectly portioned cupcake style brownies all that rsquo s left to do is to frost and hellip.

Both butter and oil brownie cupcakes have their raving fans in general oil leads to fudgier and denser texture in baking goods compared to butter on the other hand butter adds a deep buttery taste to baking goods i like both but find the butter suits this recipe better due to a lot of recipe testing i perfected this recipe over years.

Step 1 preheat the oven when baking brownies in a cupcake pan instead of in a large pan bump up the temperature for a perfect result for example the instructions on the store bought brownie mix we used here called for baking at 350 degrees f so we baked at 375 degrees f advertisement.