Ready in just 20 minutes this turkey cranberry and brie naan pizza is a great way to enjoy thanksgiving leftovers with chopped turkey and lots of melty cheese this thanksgiving leftover pizza is a guaranteed hit whether served as the hellip.

You can be faced with all the cured meat fresh produce and crispy crackers on a charcuterie board but youll always make a beeline for the brie this french cheese is beloved for its creamy rich texture and earthy flavor that makes everything taste better plus it can do so much more than look pretty on a cheese plate here are 35 of the most epic brie recipes to hellip.

Elegant creamy comforting keto enjoy the magnificent flavor of warm brie paired with a savory blend of fresh herbs and toasted nuts your next cocktail party just got easier brie works beautifully as a dessert course too.

How to make brie apple and cranberry grilled cheese here are all of the goodies i use in this fabulous grilled cheese sandwich recipe a very smart friend told me a long time ago that there was a trick to making a really amazing grilled cheese sandwich brush the bread with secret ingredient reveal white wine.

Press each piece of dough into the cup of a mini muffin tin add one of the pieces of brie and top with a teaspoon of cranberry sauce after about 10 minutes in the oven the crescent dough will be golden brown the brie will be melty and hellip.

Cranberry brie bites recipe notes and tips when cutting the dough into equal squares i did 6 columns on the top and 4 rows on the side canned cranberries will work great but if you have any leftover cranberry sauce or your own homemade sauce those are also great options as you are preparing to cut the crescent roll squares cut them as evenly as possible hellip.

This 3 ingredient baked brie recipe wraps a wheel of crowd favorite brie cheese in pillsbury trade crescents for the easiest and most delicious party holiday appetizer the combination of melty cheese and flaky pastry make baked brie with crescent rolls an appetizer even picky eaters can rsquo t turn down.

Temperature while 450 deg f works great for our toaster ovens and many others toaster ovens do vary so you might need to play around with the temperature and time a bit to find the perfect settings for your little oven if your oven is known to run hot or you rsquo re using a convection toaster oven try adjusting the temperature down to 425 deg f or 400 deg f.

Easy cranberry brie appetizer i love baked brie so much that i try not to make it very often because there rsquo s no stopping once i start a friend recently messaged me asking for my recipe for black currant and walnut stuffed baked brie which is a copycat recipe for baked brie that we both adore from a local san diego restaurant that got me thinking that it rsquo s been a year hellip.

Place 1 dough round on cookie sheet cut cheese crosswise into 2 equal layers place bottom half of cheese on center of dough circle on cookie sheet spread cranberry sauce over cheese sprinkle with chopped pecans top with remaining cheese half bring dough up around side of cheese pressing and pinching dough.

Ham and cheese pizza recipe when a classic sandwich gets reincarnated as a cheesy pizza rave reviews are bound to follow sweet crisp fuji apple provides a great balance to the rich gooey cheese and savory ham and everyone knows theres no better place to slip in some extra leafy greens than on a pizza.

Cheese advent calendars are a major thing for 2021 and we think they rsquo re brie lient margherita pizza gin and tonic cheddar and of hellip.

Add the cubed brie into the cast iron skillet along with frac12 cup of the reserved pasta water and a few squeezes of lemon juice stir constantly until the cheese is melted and then add the cooked pasta to the mixture and toss to combine.

Preheat the oven to 425 deg f peel or slice off the top rind of the brie and scrape out a small amount of cheese to form a shallow hollow in the center place the cheese in a small baking dish like a pie pan if you plan on transferring the cheese to a serving dish after its baked line the pie pan with a square of parchment paper.

Cranberry brie bites are a super easy but beautiful appetizer made with crescent roll dough brie cranberry sauce and a sprig of rosemary a simple and beautiful appetizer so let me tell you how delicious these super simple cranberry brie bites taste i know the ingredients may not look like much but once it is read more raquo.

I use a pizza slicer to make this easy gently form each pastry by pressing your fingers into the cupcake tin and creating a small basket for the brie and jelly cut brie into 12 1 2 inch squares and place one slice in each tin.

Phyllo wrapped cranberry baked brie is an easy baked brie recipe with a cranberry brandy topping wrapped in crispy layers of phyllo dough a hint of rosemary and dijon with a touch of spice finish off this classic holiday appetizer.

This hard sharp cheese might smell like stinky feet but it adds richness and flavor to any dish its added to its often eaten aged which is when it takes on the sharp flavor we know and love try it added to pasta dishes caesar salads and even pizza related the easy way to make healthier comfort foods.

Theres no need for sauce on this pizza as the ricotta cheese melts and creates a delicious base on top of the crust mozzarella and parmesan cheeses as well as red pepper flakes finish it off wonderfully enjoy it on pizza night hellip.

This cheese could double as a stand in mdash visually at least mdash for cheddar considered the best cheese for grilled cheese it rsquo s a similar yellow gold hue and also a cow rsquo s milk cheese invented in the wisconsin town of colby in 1885 colby is often blended with monterey jack and swiss in a grilled cheese sandwich like this sourdough turkey.