It rsquo s good news to see women being appointed to significant roles within the catholic church including several recent appointments of women to important positions in the holy see in early november pope francis appointed sr raffaella petrini as secretary general of the vatican rsquo s governorate this followed the earlier appointments of sr nathalie becquart as an hellip.

And so when a vintage ad extolling the cold weather joys of a hot dr pepper crossed my social media path my initial reaction was the typical shudder laugh scroll on.

The chocolate praline layer cake looked much much more difficult to make than it was and it tasted even better julie bengtsons recipe for a devils food cake layered with sugary pecans and whipped cream proved that boxed cake mix definitely doesnt have to be boring and that layered cakes dont have to be difficult.

For one of the most immersive experiences available in isometric games look no further than the pillars of eternity series chase a rogue god through deadfire across both land and sea with a fully customizable team from seven fully realized characters in a lovingly built game world three things that make pillars of eternity ii deadfire great.

Mr j h is a 59 year old man with diabetes mellitus type ii dmii for 10 years maintained on sitagliptin and metformin combination 50 1000 twice daily glimeperide 4 mg daily and canagliflozin 100 mg daily that was added 1 month ago for poorly controlled glycemia the 1 last update 11 dec 2021 reflected by an hba1c of 10 mr j h is a 59.

In the finale of sex and the city carrie is in a bakery eating a cake and this massive slobbering thing of a canine is sitting right next to her the usual rhetoric is that the previous generation of kids was more respectful and better mannered than the current.

Because couple rsquo s mutually consent it can offer more shared intimacy open up better communications about sex and shared taboo fantasies and keep couples together longer like eating a cake and having it too rdquo being treated like a slut whore sex object rather than a human being with feelings.

Which usually means at any particular time on your cooking cycle cycles there is quite probably somebody somewhere that is worse or better in cooking than you personally take advantage of this as the best have bad days when it comes to cooking there are lots of men and women who cook for several reasons.

Leo can comfort his anguished sister better than anyone incest taboo 04 08 20 my first time ch 05 4 58 melissa is tricked into a 3 some but she is fine with it incest taboo 04 09 20 my girlfriend susie the witch 4 42 josh has a special power but meets his match in susie mind control 12 28 17.

The golden state warrior guard is now just shy of 3 000 3 pointers made and overtook ray allens record of 2 973 last night mdash in 500 hellip.

A researcher from the university of york used wartime intelligence reports to compile the bombing britain database which shows more than 30 000 locations hit hellip.