Besides fried green tomatoes those end of the season green tomatoes can be used in many other recipes some great possibilities include hot dog relish and green tomato pickles even ketchup can be made with green tomatoes they can also be used to make green tomato pie moist green tomato cake or fried corn and green tomato fritters.

Transform your fried green tomatoes into an unforgettable meal with these 14 uniquely southern side dishes fried green tomatoes are unripe tart green tomatoes fried up in a crispy cornmeal crust they are a classic side that folks in the south have been making for generations.

For example you can use these slightly unripe tomatoes to make a zingy green tomato salsa or famous fried green tomatoes plus here are 21 more brilliant ways to use unripe green tomatoes in your kitchen as the end of the growing season fast approaches make sure that you prevent waste and make the most of your tomato harvest.

Fried green tomatoes is the number one way to gobble them up quick pickled green tomatoes is our absolute favorite way to fill up the last jars in the pantry and if you still aren rsquo t convinced that your green tomatoes are worth saving we rsquo ve compiled a hellip.