Berry chia another overnight oatmeal flavor you need to try is this berry chia overnight oats this one is perfect for summer when all of those sweet juicy berries are in season i love the light and healthy berry and chia seed combo and hellip.

This overnight oats recipe is a great healthy breakfast that you can prepare in advance and it can last all week so it makes it a great meal prep idea for sunday night to prepare for the work week what are overnight oats if you rsquo ve never had overnight oatmeal they rsquo re basically a no cook method of making oatmeal so instead of cooking oatmeal on the stovetop hellip.

On a cold morning warm your overnight oats up in the microwave customize your overnight oats with any combination of toppings like peanut butter blueberries dried fruit banana nuts cinnamon apples protein powder cocoa powder etc.

Yogurt and berry overnight oats for toddlers it can get tough to get children the recommended servings of dairy every day if you are a parent who is struggling with ways to get your child to consume the required amount of calcium and vitamin d this recipe is perfect for you.

Overnight oats are a method for preparing oatmeal the main difference is that instead of cooking the oats with a stove or microwave they soak overnight in liquid to soften like hot oats they have a slightly chewy consistency and they rsquo re easy to customize with all your favorite oatmeal toppings.

How to make blueberry overnight oats vegan want to make this overnight oats recipe 100 plant based here are a few ingredient swaps to help you do so yogurt ndash if you rsquo re looking for overnight oats without yogurt you rsquo ve come to the wrong place when in doubt swap the greek yogurt for a plant based yogurt.

Overnight oats are a quick and easy breakfast or snack made by soaking rolled oats in liquid overnight we love how overnight oats seem to keep the integrity of the oat intact helping to avoid that gummy texture that cooked versions sometimes take on.

Check it out on fit foodie finds we have upwards of 60 oatmeal recipes and we can rsquo t wait for you to make them all for starters check out some of our top posts 8 ways to eat overnight oats overnight oats 6 ways and nutrition packed oatmeal recipes.

Cinnamon roll overnight oats heres a healthy way to get your cinnamon roll fix get your swirl on get the recipe from delish ethan calabrese 5 hellip.

Pour the oats in an even layer across the bottom of the slow cooker then pour in the liquid set the slow cooker to cook on low for 7 to 8 hellip.

I love this oatmeal when it bakes the mixture separates into distinct layers the nuts forming a crisp like topping the berries bobbing underneath the creamy oats and custard forming the foundation the steel cut oats flavored with cinnamon and maple remain firm and chewy which along with the nuts offer the loveliest texture throughout.

Any nut butter fruit dried fruit yogurt nut seed or jam is fair game change up how you prepare your oats too make baked oatmeal or homemade granola or prep a big batch of overnight oats for quick breakfasts throughout the week while you rsquo re at it make a batch of homemade oat milk overnight oats ndash 4 ways blueberry baked oatmeal.

How to make oat milk to make oat milk simply add 1 cup rolled oats 4 cups water to a high speed blender and blend on high for 30 45 seconds then strain through a clean t shirt or towel for best results we found nut milk bags let too much pulp through fine mesh strainers also let too much pulp through so we don rsquo t recommend using them.