What is borscht borscht is a soup usually made with beets originating from eastern europe and northern asia it is especially popular in the cuisines of russia poland lithuania romania latvia and the ukraine although the beet version is the most well known it hellip.

Having grown up in ukraine this pressure cooker borscht recipe is very close to my heart we use to eat borscht almost every week and i rsquo ve tried many variations over the years with and without beef with and without beans vegetarian only pureed and with diced vegetables and the list goes on.

A simple delicious recipe for borscht a healthy vegetarian beet and cabbage soup that can be made in an instant pot or on the stove top warming and nourishing borscht is full of flavor and nutrients vegan adaptable and gluten free.

Kvass can also be made from beets the result is not so much epicurean as medicinal although beet kvass is often added to borscht no traditional ukranian home was without its bottle of beet kvass according to lubow a kylvska author of ukranian dishes ldquo handy and ready when a pleasing sour flavor had to be added to soups and vinaigrettes.